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Dry storage for boats

Dry Storage

Protect your vessel from the elements by storing it inside. Whenever you wish to use it, simply call ahead and we'll launch it for you; when you return, we'll place it back in the storage rack.

We can accommodate up to 224 boats as well as jet skis and trailers in our dry storage facility. Your lease includes an unlimited number of launches.

Dry Storage Rates
Annual lease $8.75 / ft. per month
Semi-annual lease $8.75 / ft. per month
Month-to-month lease $8.75 / ft. per month
  • Dry storage available for boats up to 30 ft. in length
  • For vessels over 7 ft. tall add $0.85 / ft. over 7 ft. to the above referenced footage pricing.
  • Insurance requirements - $500,000 minimum liability with Little Creek Marina added as "Additional Insured."
  • If annual contract is prepaid a 5% initial discount is applied, with 0.5% annual discount increase for each consecutive prepay lease renewal, up to 8%.
Jet Ski Storage Rates
April - September $120 / month
October - March* $75 / month
*Winter rates (October - March) are for storage only. Lifts / launches are not included as part of the winter storage fee.
Trailer Storage Rates
1-axle $25 / month
2-axle $35 / month
3-axle $45 / month